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Southern Resident Orcas & Salmon need your help now.

In the next several weeks or months, the Biden Administration will make a decision on whether the lower Snake River dams stay or go.

We’d like you to write a short letter to President Biden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA or use The White House contact link to send your message. This will only take a few minutes. We believe, in light of recent news stories and reports, that these messages will be persuasive.

We think the first paragraph should be personal. Tell ‘em who are you are: a grandmother who’d like her grandchildren to see native salmon. A fly fisherman who’d like to catch one. A nature lover who’d like to see a wild river restored. A senior citizen who’s waited for 20 years to see some action. A young person who believes in the future of a healthy planet.

The action you’d like is to breach the four dams on the Lower Snake.

Without that happening, study after study says the native salmon will disappear.

As that happens, the Southern Resident Orca whales will also disappear.

That harms our people and our planet: in substance, soul and spirit.

What is not harmed are the farmers. They will have water to irrigate and trains to transport their grain.

The power the four dams produce is minimal, and Bonneville Power Administration often sells it at a loss.

The Snake River looks better, behaves better and serves better as a wild river, not a kept one.

So, short sentences, a little time and a personal touch are what we’d like from you. A note from a citizen directly to President Biden.

We do care.

We’ve waited for decades.

Please breach those dams now, before it’s too late.

Thank you.

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