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If you plan to Send a Message, Text a Message or Call and leave a Message: give our letter below a quick read and choose what you feel is most important to express your passion about breaching the 4 lower Snake River dams NOW. 

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  • Text a Message to 302-404-0880

  • Call and leave a Message at 202-456-1111       Open Tu-We-Th, 11-3 EST

Or you may print and mail this PDF version.   It has room to add your Name and Address at the top, include a Date and for you to Sign at the bottom

Dear Mr. President, 


I'm writing to request urgent breaching of the lower Snake River dams to save our endangered salmon and Southern Resident killer whales. The solutions proposed in the 2020 Federal Environmental Impact Statement and Biological Opinion have proven ineffective. We're out of time. The dams continue to block the salmon runs, pushing them closer to the brink of extinction.

We have a clear path forward. A report by Sen. Murray and Gov. Inslee already states that the four dams on the lower Snake River are replaceable.  Breaching them is doable, and the urgent need is supported by leading scientists from NOAA as well as Environment America. 

We can prevent the extinction of salmon and Southern Resident Orcas found only in our inherited waters and bring back thriving populations.


Over 1800 dams have been removed in the US since 1912. Based on the data from these removals NOAA and EPA have both published papers on how these projects quickly helped river restoration. From the breaching of Penobscot in Maine to the removal of Pilchuck and Elwha river dams in Washington state, we have the data proveing that dam breachings quickly restore water quality, river ecosystem, and species while creating jobs for the local economy. To date, there is not a single dam breaching that provided regrettable results to date in the US.

Benefits of breaching these dams extend to the tribes who have deep cultural ties to salmon, and the health of these fish is intertwined with their way of life. Breaching the dams is not just an environmental win; it's a chance to honor the treaty rights of Native Tribes and right historical wrongs.


Dam removal will also breathe new life into local communities and eco-tourism. Snake River salmon are a symbol of the Pacific Northwest's cultural and economic heritage. By taking action now and breaching these dams, we can build a sustainable future that benefits our environment and supports the livelihoods of farmers by providing sustainable and affordable transportation to market.


So, I'm reaching out to you, Mr. President, with a simple yet urgent request: Let's show the world that we have the courage to protect our environment and its inhabitants. We already have the solutions; all that's needed is the commitment and the courage to ACT 


The salmon and the southern resident killer whales don't have a choice, but we do. It's time to make the right choice and take immediate action to breach the lower Snake River dams. Our environment, the balance of nature, the tribes and our future generations depend on it. 

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