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NOW, March through April 2023 is the critical time to advocate for breaching the Lower Snake River Dams.  


It is now that President Biden has a unique opportunity to turn the tide by including dam breaching in a settlement for the lawsuit; National Wildlife Federation v. National Marine Fisheries Service, pending in Oregon. 

Settlement negotiations are underway at this moment and a decision whether to breach likely will be kicked up to President Biden in April

We ask that you take immediate action by sending an editable pre-written letter to the Biden Administration as an excellent way to influence next steps! 


Time is of the essence. 

A single SUBMIT for this letter will go to six leaders in the Administration, encouraging them to do the right thing and breach the four lower Snake River dams.  Breaching would recover salmon, steelhead and orcas, and begin to uphold indigenous people’s rights.

Skip to minute 11 to hear President Biden's commitment to recovering salmon in the Columbia River [misspoken as the Colorado River], of which the Snake River is the largest tributary.  If this happens in the near-term, we could live in a changed universe.

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